My little family is almost enough

I say almost because my oldest and his oldest don’t live with us. It is just the two of us and Theresa, her sisters (one is almost grown) would complete the picture. I know both of them are miserable where they are. Well, not miserable but not as happy as they could be and that hurts.

I would love to move the three of us far away but that creates a problem. There is no way for us to be half way between the oldest two and visit either one of them we can’t afford it. We live off less than $15,000 a year yet I don’t understand reality according to those around me.

I’m still figuring out how to copy pages from Theresa’s workbooks. I have to make my schedule for the New Year so that I spend as much time working as possible without taking time away from her. Well, I have one more blog to update so I’ll be going for now.

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