figuring out the new year

OK it’s Christmas Eve and I’m writing a blog post. That’s fine the baby has opened our gifts and played until she voluntarily took a nap. I’ve been going over the budget for the New Year the last few years and just filled out a report for SSI. I have come to the conclusion that I have to reduce expenses and increase my income at the same time.
I’m also working on the list for next Christmas so there isn’t the panic and I don’t give into going over budget. I’ve figured up next month’s bills based on the amounts this month. (Does not include household items or supplements as of yet.)
Light Bill (budget billing) $200
ABA (4/5 wk month) $12/$15 (co-pay for financial aid $3 week without financial aid $55 an hour)
Auto Insurance (based on last bill) $42.14
Cable Bill (Internet included – special) $79.51 (will go up in February, reduce ASAP)
Pest control $33 (cheaper and easier than buying constantly to ensure nothing outside is inside.
Stone Creek (debt) $20 (fixed amount, can be paid off eventually or at 70% of total)
Phones $21.80 each for two = $43.60
Those all total = $433.25 (That does not include $55 a week child support that is currently a bit behind because of increasing gas and grocery prices. I’ll have to figure the supplements later because she’s out of one of her prescriptions and I have to buy the supplements that she’s running out of when we go back to therapy. There is still that bottle of fish oil that I haven’t ordered yet.
Next Christmas is based on this Christmas, at least for Theresa since she’s going to need therapy tools again next year. There are a few things that she did not get today that I have to buy her through the year but they’ll be on the list for next year anyway.
Finger paints, paper, coloring books (can print out the pages), play dough. (We can make that as a craft day.)
8 pack play dough $1 for small cans of generic at Dollar Tree.
Puzzles (age appropriate and younger) donate to the local Autism clinic when done
Dry erase markers, chalk, erasers
What else? I’ll be going through her toys just like I went through her clothes and am going through ours to get rid of what she’s not using or just doesn’t want to use anymore. Weird to be making the therapy list now; strange thing is that I have a feeling I’m still gonna need organization and storage containers when I’m done.
The grocery budget just went down to $229 a month for the three of us. It’s a good thing that I took Theresa off the diet or we’d be way over budget for food. She doesn’t eat a lot unless she feels like it. Oh well, I’m tired so I’ll be going now I have two other blogs to update and I haven’t gotten all the details of the budget worked out I just know that it’ll take $50 to reopen a savings account and I have to get two oil changes after the first of the year. I also have to get new tires on my truck mid year. Hoping the tax return will help a little bit with that.
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