Almost 2011, doesn’t seem real

OK it’s almost 2011, just a couple weeks give or take a few days. It doesn’t actually seem real. I’m not sure it’s the numbers or the fact that I have two kids and a step kid that doesn’t seem real. Almost 18, 11 and almost 4. When did I get old? OK so I’m not old yet, I just feel old. My days run together and I spend time figuring out bills and other boring adult things.

I don’t actually like being grown up. It’s nice to spend time just sitting and watching a cartoon with the baby though. It’s rather amazing to see what she can do but confusing when you look at what she can’t do. She can spell a  bunch of words and as a general rule if she can spell it she can read it. She has memorized most of her shows so she says the lines before they do. This is rather strange.

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night and I’m watching “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels.” It’s not the fact that’s the show I’m watching that I can’t believe it’s the fact that I can’t remember when I turned into a couch potato it was so long ago.

Little bit just curled up on the couch with a couple stuffed animals. She gave them each a kiss, said ‘night night, sleep tight” and went to put them to bed on her sit and spin. It just happens to be in the coldest room in the house and didn’t give them any blankets.

I’ve got several boxes of clothing to donate boxed up and all the clothing isn’t boxed up yet. I’m down to half a drawer in Theresa’s room and the extra bed in her room is still covered in clothing that can’t be put up yet. I need to find more hangers, I know they’re in the house somewhere. I have to rearrange some of her drawers to fit more clothes in them. I have to finish cleaning her room too. I have a few dozen things around the house to donate still.

OK I’m going now. I have to review tomorrow’s schedule. I have some laundry to do tomorrow, that’s all I know for sure now.

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