Fluid on the Ear

Well Theresa got a bath when she got up this morning because her pull-up leaked in the night. She fussed before she got in the bath and wasn’t very active before school. I sent her to school anyway thinking that she may have been a bit sleepy. Then about an hour before school let out I got a surprise. I was on FB and one of my friends that was at a hospital across town put up that it was snowing in her status. I was thinking I was crazy or drunk one but no she definitely said snowing.

I got up to look out my windows just in time to see the first flakes begin to fall lightly, then harder until it gave the appearance of rain looking out through the windows. It got heavy enough that I called to cancel our regular speech session out of fear that it would continue to melt then refreeze as it hit the ground. I’m Southern, I don’t do cold weather and I really don’t do snow. Eventually the snow stopped but it was still getting colder and colder. So I made the right choice just not for the reason that I thought.

Theresa didn’t feel any better when she got off of the school bus; it was late dropping her off by the time we got in the house it would have been time to leave. She still wasn’t as hyper as usual and she was a bit whiny. So I waited until the doctor’s office reopened for lunch and called to see if Dr. Ashley had an appointment open today or if we would have to do walk-in. He had one at 3:15, we still have to wait a while because he was behind. Well, there was nothing to indicate she was sick except her behavior so he checked her throat and her ears. One ear had fluid on it that could develop into an infection. So he wrote her an antibiotic prescription.

I dropped her off at home picked up her antibiotic and got her juice that her daddy forgot to buy. Well, that’s about it. She’s watching cartoons until bedtime now because she doesn’t feel like herself just yet and I said she could. She’s being good and there’s nothing wrong with catering to them when they’re sick. OK I’m going, I’m going I can feel the shoves so I’ll take a hint.

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