Wonder if I could blog for living

Well, some people blog for a living. I haven’t written anything else lately so what could it hurt to spend a few days creating a website. Then spend a few hours a day writing postings. I’d have to create pages and pages of each subject. That’s not right, I’d have to have specific pages devoted to specific things.

I have started to look for projects to bid on half a dozen times since Friday. Each attempt has resulted in reading one or two postings and stopping the search. Why? I have no idea what so ever. I need to be working right now, actually I need to be working double time to make up for taking so much time off over the summer and not doing much last month. The end of the year is always tight with the extra costs but this year it seems even tighter.

I was going to do reviews this week to see if I couldn’t manage enough of them for an emergency payout. Well, I don’t feel like so I’m trying to stretch what I have until payday. Then I’m trying to stretch that out indefinitely it would seem. Oh well, it’s been far worse. I survived it then I’ll survive it now.

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