What did I do today?

Well, I wrote an article and included the picture you see here. It’s a bar of laundry soap that I happen to like a great deal. It’s about a dollar and works to wash dishes, wall, the stove top, hand wash delicates and it just smells good. I also included a picture of some laundry in front of the washing machine for the purpose of the article that I wrote. Yes, the soap is in a plastic container. That’s how it’s stored to keep it from getting wet, I cut slivers off of it when I use it. I also uploaded some pictures of clouds to sidetick.

This picture was taken through the window and there are a few more but this is the one that’s easiest to see just how bright it was for such a cloudy, cold and rainy day. I uploaded this set of cloud pictures to Sidetick so that I could earn from the views to the album. Lately when I get bored I just snap pictures of anything and everything. I’d love more pictures of the baby but she refuses to stand still and I end up with a nice blur to show off. Well, it’s time to update the rest of the blogs so I’ll be going.

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