Taking it Easy but still earning something

Sidetick is where most of my energy has been focused today. It’s a rather relaxed atmosphere. All I’ve done there today is make my daily blog posting and look at pictures others have posted. I’m still earning although at a slow rate for the day by doing things that I’d normally do on FB all day long when I didn’t feel like working. The difference today? I’m actually getting a little bit of housework done while I do my work.

Don’t get me wrong I’m searching for an article to write too but I’m waiting until I find one that I can write from beginning to end before I start it. Or at least one that I won’t get a paragraph written on and stop. I have to figure out how to get the overdrawn checking account to a zero balance and close it. That will leave only the account with my name on it which means there won’t be anymore overdrafts on the account. I can’t stand paying bank fees just because of someone not understanding you have to know the balance.

I have earnings goals for the month although the way that I’ve been distracted lately I’m already behind on my working for the month. It’s only a couple of days but it’s going to take me a while to catch up. I need to up the promotions to make my goals for the month but that’s fine too.

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