No brakes, not what I wanted to hear today

Well today was OT and speech in the afternoon. The morning went fine until we went to leave. The two of use had our things together and went to take the half hour drive to the therapist. Well the first little bit went fine, we made our turn and went down the road a bit. Of course someone pulled out in front of us, still no problem. Then we came to the first stop sign and the brakes scrubbed. We made our turn and when I went to stop for the light I hit the brakes fully expecting to stop, what happened scared the daylights out of me.

I went to stop for the red light. I heard a swish of air as my brake pedal hit the floor and the light for the brake and the anti-lock light came on. Had I started slowing down I would have assumed I locked the brakes up. I was not happy, well on to therapy we went once I managed to stop and my heart came out of my throat. The rest of the way I slowed down a bit and hit the brakes early, still metal on metal. When we got to the first appointment I took the baby in and once she went back I went to check my brake fluid it was full.

OK off to the next appointment without a problem, then we went to go home from it. I was more than a little upset by the time we got home. Rear brake pads and rotors are hopefully all that’s needed to fix the problem. Now to figure out how to get motivated enough to raise the money for them and still pay all of next months bills.Centric Parts 121.61042 C-Tek Standard Brake Rotor hopefully they’ll be the cheap ones and still work.

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