Why Frugal Living?

I’ve read a lot on frugal living lately and I have to say it’s all getting to be a bit confusing. Some of the methods people use are reasonable while others make you wonder what tragic event they encountered that made them afraid to live. Then I began to take a closer look.

When it comes to earnings and savings there are a lot of factors in play. Married people are often assumed to have more income when in fact that’s far from the case. Some married people working age make about the same as a retired person living on the fixed income of social security. Add kids to this lower level of income and you have a formula for fear.

Then there are the single parents that seem to work so much they feel as if they never get to see their kids. It always seemed to me that when I left the house to go to work and put my baby in a daycare that I was missing out on something. The last few years at home with my Autistic little one have proven that I was right.

I spent the last three (almost four) years home with my little angel. When you go to work you miss the firsts, crawling, steps, words and boo-boos. So maybe even the most extreme of the extreme ideas aren’t that extreme if it means you can stay home with the baby for just a little while longer.
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