Rainy and dreary

It’s rainy and dreary out. My alarm didn’t go off this morning. I checked to see why and somehow I’d managed to set it for tonight. Good thing I don’t work the night shift anymore or I wouldn’t have woken up in time to realize that it hadn’t gone off.

Theresa is being rather good this morning even though I bought her the wrong milk. Oh well, it’s all I have so she used it this morning. She got her B-12 shot yesterday. Last night I finally realized why that needle never looked right, it should be much smaller and not long enough to go into the muscle. Of course for the pharmacy to give me the right needle I’d have to be somewhere that had progressed into the time we’re in now.

I’m really hoping that it doesn’t rain the day of the special citizens day at the fair. If the weather is bad she won’t get to go. We have to be at the gate at 8:15 that morning. I hope I don’t oversleep that morning or I’ll have a mad toddler on my hands. I still don’t know what I’m going to do about lunch that they because she can’t have what they’re going to serve. I have to send her food to school because she can’t have so many things.

I’m going to enjoy going to therapy in the rain, the buildings are always colder when it rains and these people drive like maniacs. Oh well, back to work now so I can earn money to go buy Theresa the ice cream she’s asking herself for. She’s entirely too social now, she keeps walking up to strange boys and kissing them.

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