Relearning How to Meet a Deadline

I’m stuck lately on what to write, when to write and finding time to write. I am going back to research and deadlines. I have to have deadlines or I’m never going to get back to earning enough to make a living. I have a very limited time line to work in so I have to make the most of it.

I have two mornings a week to work uninterrupted that lately I’ve been using to catch up on housework. I have to clean the house but I need to get a lot of stuff thrown out so that I have less time cleaning up and more time working when I can. I also have a tendency to go to bed early lately and get up earlier although I don’t seem to get much done getting up earlier.

I used to do my best work late at night I’m beginning to wonder if I can’t do that again. Oh, well I’ve got to get ready to go before the kid gets home from school so I’ll be back later.

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