Way too early in the morning

It’s way too early in the morning. It’s barely 6 a.m. and I’ve been up for an hour already. It’s hot as it can be in here, my thermostat says that it’s 75 degrees. I’m wondering what happened to those nights bordering on cold and when they’re coming back. I’m really glad I’m not to the West or North there’s a horrible looking storm moving through and it’s not done moving across country.

Theresa was up a minute ago I don’t hear her now so I guess she decided to roll over and put the covers over her head. I had to give her the B-12 shot yesterday. Kelly had to go get her youngest and she wasn’t back by the time we finished therapy. So Kara and Jennifer held Theresa so she didn’t knock the needle out and I gave her the shot in her leg. I did good considering I was as nervous as could be after the last incident with the needle when she knocked it out and got cut with it. The shot is temporary though, over the Thanksgiving holidays I’m going to have to get the nasal spray because I won’t have anyone to hold her down so she can get her shot.

The nasal spray doesn’t get the same results as the shot but I won’t have to listen to horror stories. Share my pain, mother is a nurse. Last night she came to check on hubby and once again she’s concerned about Theresa’s medications and supplements. Well it seems when she first started nursing that she had a patient that had been stuck so much she had an infection. She drew back the plunger on the needle to see if blood came back so she’d know if she hit a vain and she got puss. Gross! If that wasn’t enough she reminded me that there are nerve endings in the leg, well the whole body has nerve endings. The point being if I were to miss and hit a nerve Theresa could become paralyzed.

The B-12 shots are temporary to bring up her language and help with her memory. The alternatives don’t work as well it has something to do with them being absorbed that it’s too early in the day for me to remember now. I did look at the alternatives before I decided to put her on the shot.

I have to remember to get her lab results today, I forgot yesterday. I was so caught up in giving her the shot that I didn’t even think about the results of the labs when Kelly stopped to ask if I needed her for the shot. I hope she’s there today, I think she’s going to be at the doctor’s office today but I’m not sure.

OK enough rambling I have some work to do before we go to therapy today. On the way home I have to stop at the clinic and the grocery store to pick up something for us to eat for the rest of the week. Hubby is going back on his diet, I’ll be doing all the shopping for him now. He’s not going to be happy, Theresa’s diet would eliminate a large part of his problem if he’d eat it without complaining which he won’t. Well, I’ll be back soon.

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