no work done today

Well, I didn’t manage to do the first bit of work today and that’s fine too. I did find the time to check my earnings and so far I seem to have all the basic needs covered. Theresa is out of a few supplements that I’ll have to get a little later. She’ll be fine until I can get them. She just needs 3 I think.

Pro-omega fish oil – $62.53 for an 8 ounce bottle that’ll last all month and into the next (I think)
Acetyl L – $15
Magnesium citrate – $6
Zinc – $5 to $7.50 (depends on where I buy it)

That’s $88.53 minimum. It’ll be Friday, at the moment I have the $9 to cover the rest of the $3 per week ABA co-pays and $5 for an emergency. I’m not sure how I managed to run out of funds before payday this month. Actually I think letting hubby have some decision making power helped. One day I’ll sit down and pound the expenses into his head, until then we both agree I’m in charge.

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