slowing down to nearly a halt

Well, today I managed to write one new article about Christmas gifts. I’m still on the Christmas theme. I was going to do a few editorials but I’m too sore. Last night I tried to hook my spare monitor up to my laptop so I could see it better without having to make the items on the screen so big that I constantly have to scroll to read what I want to. I can’t get a picture on the monitor. Not sure what’s wrong with it, and I can’t figure out which wires to use to hook my computer up to the television set.

I think I would be more productive with the t.v. for a monitor, a wireless mouse and keyboard for a better angle. The mouse and keyboard will have to wait. I have a feeling that I can get the right wires faster than the rest. Any increase in productivity right now would be welcome.

I have to write at least five articles a day average to finish the month correctly. It would be better if I could have a few more 13 hour days every week until the end of the month. Well, I’m taking the rest of the night off to think so I’ll be back to bore you more later.

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