Most of the Day Off

I’ll be taking most of the day off. Today starts a new month of earnings in one place while continuing in the same month for other things. I’ll be taking most of the day off today but I will get some work done today probably after Theresa goes to bed.

I figured up my expenses against my regular income and guess what. There’s enough to cover the bill right now and not much else. No problem. I get to go over everything and see where else expenses can be cut. I have a few areas that I know I can cut I just have to make sure that I’m careful with them.

Theresa is a picky eater but she’s not a picky eater. Last time we went to the store I saw gluten free pretzels that were half as much as the ones I normally buy her so I figured we could try them. I’m not crazy about the taste but Theresa seems to like them, then again she likes rice cakes too. I just opened the bottle of Gain dish washing liquid that I had a coupon to get free last month so I can write a review on it and earn a little of money off of it.

You know I like the fact that there is even a place that I can write and earn money on things that I use each and every day. I think I’ll do a couple of diary submissions at Wikinut tonight since that’s the only place I’ve seen to put them. I’m going to try to write a new AC article and a couple of Helium articles since the month started over. Helium may have to wait until I leap a couple of older articles. My days are getting more organized and easier as the time passes.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back shortly with more updates.

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