All Done

Well, I finished up my last private project a couple days early. Now all that’s left is to wait while the client goes through them and get paid. Time to focus on my own writing once again. The only down side is that my savings account is now empty, so is my baby daughters.

The summer saw a drastic reduction in income with an increase in bills because things kept breaking. Once school started back our income increased slightly, then my radiator burst. $323 to fix it, money set aside to pay the next month’s bills. Well, the problem was resolved when some income that we were expecting to loose came back. Then a few days ago my husband did something stupid. Well, he’s going to be broke for about a month but me and our daughter will be just fine.

Tomorrow begins the first day in the scariest venture ever. I begin writing my own stuff again and nothing but my own stuff for a while. This is going to be interesting. Wish me luck and send me some inspiration.

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