Theresa’s Doing Great

Theresa is doing great! She’s began using her computer correctly, answering questions it asks her with the keyboard. She’s reading and doing all sorts of things. There are days when I wonder if her ABA therapist is actually aware of what she can do or if she’s getting so caught up in the curriculum they use that she’s missing things. I wonder if I’m missing things trying to make sure she can do what the curriculum they use requires. Funny thing is none of the curriculum they use is used in the schools here unless you take it to them yourself.

I don’t particularly care for the ABA curriculum itself but it works. I just think that there are somethings more important than being able to put a puzzle together. Despite the things I don’t care for in the Ables together with everything else it works so until I find something else we’ll stick with it. I do wish we could find time to sit back down with the therapists and go over the goals I find important though. I have to finish up this project, go back to writing my own work and make an appointment. There are some skills I would prefer to skip to since they take so long to get consistent results.

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