Not Going to Finish Early

Well, the 75 articles I have due the 27th are 75 that I was hoping to get done and turned in early so I could get paid early. That’s not going to happen. I forgot one small thing when I took the job and figured out just how many articles a day I’d have to write to finish both on time and early; I have other things to do besides meet a deadline. Somehow when I’m not writing for myself I feel more pressure.

I came to a conclusion, I’m finishing this set of articles and going back to work strictly for myself. I may not make as much as fast but I won’t be constantly in a rush. If I have to I can go to work part time at least for a little bit to keep myself from going completely crazy.

Well, it’s late and my eyes hurt so I’m calling it a night. I can always work all weekend to finish early since we’re not going anywhere. I have to make sure that I can still see if I want to work so I’m taking some more time off to do my own writing using a voice recognition program so I only have to look at the screen to edit what I wrote.

I promise myself if I don’t manage anything else I’ll replace my glasses next month.

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