Common Sense Please Stand Up

I posted an article on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico yesterday that appears to be doing rather well. It’s been viewed over 900 times since yesterday morning. At least I know someone is reading what I write.

We did a two hour ABA session yesterday. I watched this time. I’m still wondering at what point therapists will ask to find out what kids can do and are allowed to do. I never imagined I’ve have to tell someone that my THREE Year old is NOT allowed to go down slides head first or backward. I have a kid with no sense of danger, I’d prefer not to teach her to break a bone. She did sorting yesterday too.

I’ve given a lot since she began therapy and allowed her to have things with the therapists that she’d never be allowed to have at home because they’re too small for her age. She put tiny marble looking things into different color cups yesterday and they worked on imitation. The child knows how to imitate I prefer she not perform on command like a trained seal. No she’s never seen a giraffe or any other jungle creature so she got the name of the animal on the card wrong. I know common sense went out the window with her diagnosis but there are some areas that it’s rather useful.

After all the goal is make the child self sufficient and ensure that she has manners. I’m going to have to go over the goals that the therapist set for the child. There are some things MY children aren’t allowed to do and I’m fixing to scream as loudly as I can if someone doesn’t start asking if she’s allowed to have or do certain things.

On the bright side she’s smarter than most of the people I deal with everyday.

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